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  • $500,000 Verdict

    $500,000 Verdict Read On

  • $1,400,000.00 Verdict

    $1,400,000.00 Verdict for plaintiff driver involved in a head-on collision. Read On

  • $1,000,000 verdict

    $1,000,000 verdict for plaintiff driver involved in an automobile rear end collision who suffered a herniated disc. Read On

  • $750,000 verdict

    $750,000 verdict for passenger in a bus accident who sustained a herniated disc. Read On

  • $1,000,000 verdict

    $1,000,000 verdict in favor of a 14 year old boy who stepped off the curb into the crosswalk and was struck by oncoming bus that failed to brake in time. The boy's injuries included a fractured skull, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Read On

  • $227,783 verdict

    $227,783 verdict. Perez v Fanning - motorcyclist hit by car sustained a hernia and herniated disc. Reported in Verdict Search's TOP NY Verdicts of 2010 while Ed Lemmo Esq. was an associate trial attorney with the firm of Proner & Proner.  Read On

  • $400,000 settlement

    $400,000 settlement after a liability verdict in favor of plaintiff who fell over stairwell in NYC with a missing railing in violation of the NYC Building Code. Plaintiff sustained a fractured leg and fractured vertebra. Read On

  • $250,000 verdict

    $250,000 verdict in favor of plaintiff who tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk adjacent to defendant owner's premises. The evidence at trial showed that the City of New York received Big Apple notice of the defective curb and that the City issued violations to the adjacent landowner to fix the ... Read On

  • $500,000 settlement

    $500,000 settlement in favor of plaintiff during trial who was dropped from stretcher by private ambulate company while removing her from an ambulance. Injuries claimed: contused spinal cord and aggravation of spondylothesis and herniated disc. Read On

  • $500,000 settlement

    $500,000 settlement in favor of woman who slipped and fell on paste wax on a hotel lobby floor that was buffed with the wrong pad causing  excessive wax buildup and dangerous condition. Plaintiff sustained a torn rotator cuff to her shoulder requiring several surgeries.  Read On

  • $4,600,000 settlement

    $4,600,000 settlement during trial for mother/guardian of brain damaged infant. Plaintiff's medical experts testified that the  treating OBGYN and hospital departed from accepted medical care in failing to timely administer broad spectrum antibiotics to the newborn  pending culture results. This ... Read On

  • $1,300,000 settlement

    $1,300,000 settlement on behalf of infant daughter of 25 year old single mother who had presented to defendant hospital with signs and symptoms consistent with acid reflux and gastric obstruction. Plaintiff claimed that defendant hospital failed to timely perform a biopsy of the stomach lining an... Read On

  • $1,800,000 settlement

    $1,800,000 settlement in favor of plaintiff teenager who's treating rheumatologist departed from accepted medical care in failing to diagnose and timely treat systemic lupus resulting in brain injury to the young man. Read On

  • $750,000 verdict

    $750,000 verdict for wrongful death and pain and suffering in favor of family of decedent patient who's treating surgeon departed from accepted medical practice by negligent placement of catheter during administration of chemotherapy.  This resulted in burning of the patients lining of his lung, ... Read On

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