Car accidents are one of the most common accidents a personal injury attorney handle.  With Edward Lemmo Esq. you will feel that every step of the prosecution and investigation of your case is explained. I will assist you in filling out your No-Fault Application, so that your medical bills can be paid by either your insurance carrier, if you were driving, or the other vehicles insurance carrier, if you were a pedestrian or a passenger. 

At LEMMO LAW, Edward Lemmo Esq. will explain the Laws of Serious Injury, to see if you qualify in obtaining money damages at trial, the importance of the Seat belt law, and how it could affect your case if you were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. We will assist you in reaching out to doctors who will accept No Fault Insurance and write reports of your injuries from the accident. If necessary, we will hire experts in the field of Accident Reconstruction, especially in a death case or other serious injury. 

I have over 35 years' experience in handling and prosecuting car accident cases. Whether your case is big or small it will get the attention it deserves.

Three rules for you to think about if you have been in a car accident and are able to do so:

1) Call 911 

2) take photos of the damage to the vehicles and the scene

3) do not make any statements to the other driver. 

4) Seek medical attention as soon as possible from your nearest hospital Emergency room or private doctor 

5) call a competent personal injury lawyer to explain your rights and help you with the paperwork to evaluate a claim. 

6) obtain a police report of the accident as soon as you are able. 

Time is of the essence and perhaps your life or livelihood. Hiring the right lawyer may be the most important decision you can make. 

Edward Lemmo Esq. and his staff are here to answer your questions 24/7 and will come to your home or hospital if you have been involved in an accident. Call 646-522-9082 for a free consultation.