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Upper Manhattan is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. Back in the early 70's it was occupied by artist, and lower middle class working families. Today things have changed. Harlem is gentrified, but there are still families residing in the Upper West side for many years who have handed down their rent stabilized apartments. Because of the increase in population, crime has gone up as well as accidents.  Many who live here don't want to travel far if they have been injured as a result of an accident or medical malpractice. 

I live and work in the Upper West Side and Upper Manhattan. I take subways. I know the people in the Upper West Side and Upper Manhattan. . I am accessible.  I travel to meet clients at either their homes or Starbucks or public settings or hospitals.  I know that many who live here want an accessible, experienced and local attorney.

I can go to you if you live in Harlem, Hamilton, Washington Heights or Riverdale. or the Upper West Side of NYC 

Our attorneys are focused on personal injury claims including trip and falls on uneven sidewalks, Construction accidents, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, car accidents, Uber or Lift and yellow cab accidents involving serious injury to the person such as fractures, tears in the knees and shoulders and herniated discs in the back requiring surgery or extensive treatment and rehabilitation. I am also experienced for over 37 years in handling medical or nursing malpractice claims.  At Lemmo Law we fight for the rights of people, ordinary hard-working people with families and problems.

 our lawyers have extensive experience handling a variety of claims, including:

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Upper Manhattan stretches between the East River to Fifth Avenue on the eastern side of Manhattan and heads north from East 96th Street to the Harlem River. It also extends north from the northernmost border of Central Park at 110th Street and west to the Hudson River, covering the entire northern tip of Manhattan.

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