What is a torn labrum from a car accident worth in NYC ?

Posted by Edward LemmoJul 10, 20230 Comments

One of the most common injuries in personal injury litigation is a torn labrum or torn rotator cuff . 

A labrum is  cup like  ring in the shoulder which allows the top of the shoulder to be intact . In order to repair a torn labrum an orthopedic surgeon has to perform a repair called a synovectomy.  See illustrations below .  A torn labrum can also occur from a fall where a person falls on his outstretched hand or arm. 

I recently tried a case involving a rear passenger in a taxi whose seatbelt did not work . She was caused to injury her right shoulder when the taxi she was in was rear ended by another taxi. The jury found she had a serious injury by having sustained a torn labrum tear with surgery and awarded the woman $100,000  one hundred thousand dollars for past pain and suffering of 6 years. 

What is a torn labrum worth depends on many factors including they jury makeup ,the county or venue of the case,  whether there was surgery  and the skill of the lawyer in explaining the medicine. In this case  the plaintiff was a sympathetic witness who could not work for almost 1 year after the accident. Normally torn labrum injuries are worth anywhere between $50,000 and $75,000 with surgical repair. In this case the plaintiff did a little better recovering the policy of insurance of $100,000 

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