Snow and Ice on Roadway Can Lead to Injury - How to Avoid Winter Driving Accidents

Posted by Edward LemmoDec 18, 20210 Comments

Winter weather in New York City  and  Icy and snow filled roads can make driving difficult and contribute to car accidents.  

The drop in temperatures below freezing can cause vehicles to stall, and black ice can form on a highway or roadway making it treacherous to drive.   The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA ) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report that between 11 and 17 percent of all car accidents are related to winter weather conditions.  This doesn't mean that you  can't take precautions to keep you and your family  safe while driving on the roadway this winter. 

The Rules of the Road  Change in the Winter 

In dry clear roadway conditions you are recommended to leave at least 1 car length  between th front of your vehicle and the rear of motorist in front of you, per every 10 miles an hour you drive. In snow and ice conditions, you will need to double that distance to safely stop .  That means you need to adjust your speed , following distance , stopping time accordingly. 

In addition you need to make sure that you are attentive to the other drivers changing lanes or worse yet trucks or plows blowing snow in your car's path.  You must keep alter and not distracted.  Weather it be from exhaustion, holiday drinks or just   not paying attention, distracted driving results in slower reaction times because of winter weather conditions , causing the chances of you having an accident greater. 

Sometimes chain collisions take place on snow covered roadways. It only takes one driver to cause a chain collision. 

Decreasing your chances of having and Accident in the Winter 

Making sure your line of sight is clear, cleaning your windshield , defrosting the windows in both the front  and rear can add to your safety .  You should also clear the snow from the top of your car , trunk and around your bumpers and headlights.  This allows others to see your lights and turning mechanisms and brake lights.   No matter how carefully you drive you could still  be involved in a winter related roadway accident . 

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