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One of the more complicated areas of expertise is representing a homeless man in a NYC Shelter operated by the " Doe Fund. " The Doe Fund is an agency that operates affordable housing facilities for men who are homeless or unemployed in exchange for their promise to work . Often times, the Director of the Facility  is employed by " The Doe Fund " a non for profit organization .  They are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the building. In order to prove a case of  negligence in a slip and fall by a homeless man inside one of these facilities., you must show actual or constructive notice of the dangerous slippery or dangerous condition. One way to do this is to depose someone from the " shelter " and the Department of Homeless services. In deposing the witness, you should inquire and obtain any  " Callahan Inspections " of the building . These are inspections conducted by the NYC Department of Homeless Services  program administrator , conducted two (2) times a year to inspect the building for any dangerous conditions.  The inspections include the rooms, the toilets, and the dorm areas. With respect to the interior stairs, the NYC Department of Homeless services would look at the shelter to see if it needed any  repairs or whether the steps were worn.  An experienced accident or injury attorney should obtain these inspection reports and document the cleanliness of the shelter , what time the steps are cleaned  and  documentation of  records of cleaning  during mopping of the stairs prior to the accident  . 

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