Posted by Edward LemmoJul 18, 20210 Comments

Hi folks , things change slowly in the law. Now the seatbelt law has changed to a passenger in the rears detriment.  The purpose of a restrained driver or passenger is to save lives and minimize injuries.  As of November 1, 2020, under Assembly Bill A6163, no person sixteen years of age or older shall be a passenger in the back seat of a motor vehicle unless that person is restrained by a safety belt.   Prior to that , the law only required those in the driver's or front passenger seats to wear seat belts. 

Essentially , this means that all vehicle passengers must wear their seat belts at all times because New York 's occupant restraint laws now requires persons who are under and over 16 to buckle  up .  

The penalties for violation of this law is a $50 dollar fine but can increase to $100 dollars and 3 driving points added to your record if a child under 16 was not buckled up. 

Please know this law drivers and passengers.