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Folks , the times are changing. Despite so called advancements in traffic controls and traffic engineering more pedestrians are being injured and killed in the streets of the Upper West side, Harlem and NYC .  Just in the past year alone here are some of the grim statistics : 

Too Many Tragic Accidents involving Pedestrains are  Causing Death or Serious Injury in NYC , The Upper West Side and Harlem  and Upper Manhattan

On August 18, 2021 a 90-year old woman was struck and killed by a livery cab, while crossing at West 74th Street and Amsterdam on the Upper West side Manhattan.  She was walking in the crosswalk but struck by a Black Sedan  The driver was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian. - On April 19, 2021 a man was fatally struck on  struck on Manhattan's Upper West side on Central Park West between 62nd  and 63rd . The driver was not aware and dragged the pedestrian under the car , before he realized what happened. No charges were filed against the driver. On  August 6 , 2021 a man was cuffed for killing a pedestrian in the Upper West Side hit- and - run . On   June 29,2021 a cyclist was hit and killed by a UPS truck on West 86thh and Central Park West .  Reportedly the truck was attempting to make a right turnoff West 86th and Central Park West.  According to a New York Daily News Repot, a Manhattan pedestrian accident claimed one life and injured three others, when a vehicle  turning left onto W 183rd Street .

 Pedestrian Deaths Have Increased in 2020

What do all of  these tragic accidents have in common you may ask ?  First, there were no cameras capturing the event.  Second many of them happened in broad daylight.  What a common them or thread in  all these tragic pedestrian accidents demonstrate is that  walk lights , traffic lights and stop signs cannot replace a traffic guard at certain intersections.   Thirdly, many of these vehicles were speeding or travelling to fast to stop to avoid the accident.  A pedestrian crossing a street or mother pushing a baby carriage or even a bike rider are no match for a 1,000 pound or more vehicle, turning at a rapid speed.  The reality is traffic lights and walk like indicators don't work because the timing barely allows an elderly or young person time to cross some busy intersections ie Broadway ,or Central Park West or West End , where cars and trucks  and UBERS and taxis' are speeding to their next destination for the rush of perhaps getting their next fair, or making a timely delivery. The fact is that Pedestrian deaths have increased by 46 % from 2010 through 2019 . 

 What is the Solution to Save Lives and Serious Injuries to Innocent Pedestrians Crossing the Street ?

Local Officials must put pressure on our next Mayor and his staff to meet with the NYC Department of Transportation to make contingent plans for these forseeable accidents.  Studies of the numbers of accidents at a location , would  give rise perhaps police directing traffic or cameras , which would in many cases prevent accidents with pedestrians . 

 What Causes Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths by Motorists and Commercial Vehicle Drivers ? 

 Experts who study traffic engineering and the local police will tell you that most pedestrian accidents are caused by human error and negligence.  Driver's drive distracted, texting or on the radio or not paying attentions.  Speed is another factor which increases the risk of a pedestrian  accident. Congested driving and poorly designed streets and intersections may also be a contributing factor to an accident . 

Pedestrians Are More Likely to Suffer Serious Injuries or Death after being struck by a Car or Truck 

Pedestrians are more likely to suffer multiple serious and life threatening injures such as :

- broken bones and fractures 

- traumatic brain injuries 

- spinal cord injuries 

- lacerations and scars -

- paralysis 

- internal bleeding and organ damage 

- back injuries 

 Ways Pedestrians Can Protect Themselves from Dangerous Drivers 

Pedestrians need to take measures to protect themselves by remaining alert and following the following safety tips.   First always look at both the walk light and in the direction of traffic before stepping off the curb to cross a street. Don't assume a vehicle will stop in time just because you are walking within the crosswalk . Many accidents  occur with a pedestrian who has a walk light in their favor , but are just outside of the crosswalk.   Don't try to cross if there is not enough time on a countdown of a walk / dont walk pedestrian . Remove your head phones and do not use a phone while crossing the street . Remain alert and turn your head repeatedly in the direction of traffic. Listen for horns  and sounds.. Hold your child's hand and never let them cross ahead of you. 

Hopefully a good witness will assist you after such an accident. If you have the ability call 911 immediately . Do not refuse medical attention at the scene . After a hospital visit or doctors visit follow your doctor's  treatment plan 

Above all document your injuries by photos , and keep detailed records of your economic damages and lost earnings or bills . 

Hiring the Right Personal Injury Lawyer After a Pedestrian Accident 

It is of utmost importance that you act quickly as soon as you are able to hire the right personal injury lawyer after a pedestrian v motor vehicle accident.  He or she can have an investigator take photos of the intersection and gauge the timing of the lights. Sometimes businesses in the area have cameras that can capture the accident in the roadway on film . Reaching out to local merchants or witnesses listed on police reports is crucial in a post accident investigation.  

Know your rights and get the right lawyer who can help you file a No Fault Application for Personal Injury Protection to cover your medical bills and earnings up to $50,000.  Do not speak to any insurance company representative or try to negotiate your case without the assistance of an experienced lawyer. 

Ed Lemmo of Ed Lemmo Law can help you with your case . He has experience in successfully prosecuting serious pedestrian accident cases.  I am just a call away.  Above all do not give up hope .  You can reach me or  a member of my team at [email protected], or call me at 646-522-9082.